What type of bank account do you need to apply for our payday loans?

If you need to get money quickly and without difficulties you should definitely consider applying for our payday loans online. To do this you need to meet several requirements. You have the possibility to get acquainted with them here:

  1. To be at least 18
  2. To have a permanent source of income
  3. To provide us with your personal and contact information
  4. To have an access to Internet to fill out our application form online
  5. To have a valid checking account

Which type of checking account suits getting payday loans?

After successful completion of your online application and providing us with all necessary personal data while filling out the application’s fields we are going to process it within several minutes and then approve you as our customer.

One of the requirements of successful approval is having a valid banking account.

Why do we need it? Your checking account is required for us to be able to transfer you your payday loan. That’s why to have the loan being deposited directly into your banking account electronically, you will need an account which accepts automated clearing house (ACH) debit and credit transactions.

How to know if your bank account meets our requirements?

You should take into account that most prepaid debit cards will not work for getting your payday loans. But to be sure that your bank account is exactly what we need it would be better if you contact the representative of your bank and ask if your checking account is ok for getting payday loans via our electronical service of money transfer.

When will you receive your payday loan at your bank account?

There are several options of getting payday loans which are available for those who have chosen the online procedure of applying for instant money. Here we offer you several types of options to consider and decide which one suits you more.

If you are in need of urgent money at the moment our fast payday loans will be exactly what you need. If you have any questions concerning your banking account you should contact our website where our representatives are ready to consult our customers 24 hours a day.